Seconde guerre  Résistance Française les hommes de l'ombre

résistance ffi Seconde Guerre Mondiale Les Grandes Bataille

Seconde Guerre Mondiale - Les Grandes Batailles - 8 Mai 1945 - La Capitulation résistance ffi - Histoire seconde guerre mondiale 2nde bataille de l Atlantique sous marin marine U Boot Allemagne France Angleterre Porte avions Etats Unis marinier Dönitz IIIe Reich torpiller Navy Lorient histoires mariniers torpilles
The French Resistance is the collective name used for the French resistance movements which fought against the Nazi German occupation of France and the collaborationist Vichy Regime during World War II. Resistance groups comprised small groups of armed men and women (referred to as the maquis when based in rural areas),[2][3] publishers of underground newspapers, and escape networks that helped Allied soldiers. The Resistance was pulled from all layers and groups of French society, from conservative Roman Catholics (including priests), to liberals, anarchists and communists."

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